Coastal Property Market for London Buyers Moving to the Coast

Our latest property report indexes and rates the growth in the trend of owning property outside of London and on the coast. There has been a population movement in this direction over the past 15 years as technology and quality of life started to impact people’s decision making during their next house move. This report also takes into account the dramatic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic upon the London property market and desire for a home with a view of the sea, more open spaces, a cleaner environment, and less crowded, leading to a strong uplift in property movements from the capital to coastal living. The Government’s short term lifting of stamp duty has further stimulated the number of marketed properties and transactions in the market. In our latest report we look at which seaside locations rate highest for moving outside of London or buying a second home. The report also considers the quality of the properties available with uninterrupted sea views, beaches and air quality as well as how easy it is to get into and out of London. The London market has held up despite the pandemic, but more and more people are looking for a different lifestyle, with many now choosing to work from home. The report looks at the challenges of staying close enough to London for work or city life, while enjoying the lifestyle and culture that sea air and maritime history offers us. The ratings are scored out of 100 and weighted using the following criteria:

20 seaside locations have each been assessed and rated out of 100 to understand its market position, potential and value to London buyers thinking of buying a home with a sea view. Please see below the full Property Market – Index downloadable report about ‘Londoners moving to the coast’.