UK Property Hotspots 2023-2025

Property Market Index rates various locations based on property purchasing trends, examining essential metrics associated with purchasing homes in the UK within the current economic climate.

The latest report includes various common metrics, such as house price trends over the last 12 months and three years, while tracking the trajectory of the UK property market, as well as schools, local culture and heritage, regeneration, transport links, and amenities.

Our recent research suggests that despite recent political and economic challenges, the UK’s property market is displaying overall resilience, with over 50% of property investors planning to expand their portfolio in the upcoming year.

Our research predicts an overall increase of 8.8% in property values in the next three years.

Prices are also anticipated to decrease by up to 5%, while there will be a rise in the availability of properties in late 2023, followed by an anticipated increase of 2% in house prices in 2024 and a growth of 5% in 2025.

Mortgage interest rates are also expected to peak this year, offering benefits to sellers in terms of capital cost and repayments.

Our latest report highlights that several regions in the UK are defying the downward trend, despite economic and geopolitical challenges and a relatively stagnant/declining property market, with notable investment in infrastructure, culture, and heritage. 

Major areas of regeneration investment include Liverpool, Bolton, Aberdeen, Reading and the Thanet towns of Margate and Ramsgate.

This latest report identifies the key influences as:

Many regions and locations across the country were assessed for the latest Property Market-Index report, and have identified 10 UK property hotspots that are expected to out-pace the demand over the next 3 years and beyond.  Read on for a summary of the findings.