Portugal’s Property Hotspots Report

This latest Property Market-Index report rates various Portugal locations based on luxury property purchasing trends, examining essential metrics associated with an affluent expat relocating to and/or investing in Portugal. The recent report was released during a webinar from Portugal Pathways. Access Property Market-Index’s Portugal Property Hotspots Report 2023 – 2025 in full here. Our latest […]

The 10 Most Valuable Real Estate Markets in the World

Just 10 countries contain 70 per cent ($141.5tn) of all global commercial and residential value (totalling $200tn). China and the US together make up 42 per cent ($84.8tn) of global property value alone. China is home to more of the world real estate market assets (by value) than any other country at $42.7tn or 21 […]

UK Property Hotspots 2023-2025

Property Market Index rates various locations based on property purchasing trends, examining essential metrics associated with purchasing homes in the UK within the current economic climate. The latest report includes various common metrics, such as house price trends over the last 12 months and three years, while tracking the trajectory of the UK property market, […]

Luxury Property Buyers and Investors Hunt For Value

The High-Stakes Search for Value With the escalating prices and dwindling inventory on a global scale, the term luxury property has come under reevaluation in 2022. Affluent buyers are no longer just confined to the traditional blue-chip markets; they are venturing to lesser-known but promising locations. From the sprawling hills of North Carolina to the […]

What will luxury real estate look like in 2022?

Fueled by a scarcity of available homes, escalating housing prices, and a surge in demand for more spacious residences, the luxury real estate market has undergone a transformative shift that is likely to have long-term ramifications. In 2021, this trend was further amplified by exponential growth in global wealth. Research by Wealth-X, commissioned by Coldwell […]

Coastal Property Market for London Buyers Moving to the Coast

Our latest property report indexes and rates the growth in the trend of owning property outside of London and on the coast. There has been a population movement in this direction over the past 15 years as technology and quality of life started to impact people’s decision making during their next house move. This report […]